Leadership and Quality

Leadership and Quality

- Core Leadership Skills:

* Vision

* Empowerment

* Intuition

* Self-understanding

* Value congruence

- Leaders are visionaries:

* They manage for the future, not the past

* Recognizes radical organizational changes taking place today as opportunities

* They create mental and verbal pictures of of desirable future states and share this vision with the organizational partners including customers, suppliers and employees.

- Empowerment:

* Encourage employees participation

* Establish participative management process teams in every department, who sets objectives to support corporate goals

* Individual employees develop goals and plans, track progress and receive bonuses.

n Following their intuition

* Leaders anticipate the future

* Willingly make difficult decision that will help the organization to be successful

- Self Understanding:

* Identifies relationship with employees

* Requires an examination of one’s weaknesses as well as strength

- Value Congruence:

* Values are basic assumption and belief about the nature of the organization

* Trust and respect for individual

* Openness

* Teamwork

* Integrity

* Commitment to quality

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